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3rd June 2007, 05:47 AM
This info from CraigE

My previous post should have read Isotta boss, but a Momo will fit. Used a Momo on the RR. Above all is that most of these wheels will fit on to standard pattern boss kits. The Isotta boss I got actually had two different patterns of bolt holes to accomodate different wheels.
Extract from previous post when I got mine, so the Isotta will fit the Autotechnica but may need some slight mods or not. mainly building up the indicator cancellers a little with tape, but they do work OK without it. I like the smaller wheel, takes a little getting used to but no more legs hitting the wheel.

Quote "I have recieved my hub kit from Autobarn and the Isotta importer in SA.
The hub kit fits the 48 spline TD5 Defender no worries at all. The indicator cancellers are a little narrow but are easily made a little wider. Just awaiting the wheel now, ordered tonight.
Isotta Hub

The Momo
will also fit but as Autotek were closed for so long over Xmas/New year went with the Isotta.
Thanks to Carl the importer of Isotta for being the only person I contacted to get off his but and actually have a look at the hub for me, photograph and describe." end quote
More info from another thread :
The tdi and TD5 hubs are different. The tdi's I believe are the same as RR classics (had one in the shed) and would not fit my TD5. The TD5 with the flat steering wheel centre and early model Fenders/County's are 48 spline so different and had difficulty tracking one down. Later model TD5s with the bulbous steering wheel centre I believe are same as RR Classic and tdi. A lot of places said they had them, then there was no such thing. Carl the Isootta importer was the only one to get up and have a look at the actual hub to try and determine if it could be the right one as they are actually only listed for early model County's. We all know now it will fit anyway.
Important thing is to count the splines and make sure you can return if not correct.

Isotta will have a boss for you. Gogle Isotta and ask Carl if he is still the importer. Autobahn are an Isotta dealer so they should be able to get them.
Italian Isotta codes, may be useful for when ordering her in Australia.
Defender 9/88 > 91
[H 5809]
Defender 92 > 95
[H 5806/1]
Defender 96 >
[H 5806/2]
Discovey 1/95 >
[289 S]
Discovey > 94
[281 S]54.00 EUR
Land 110 9/88 >
[283 S]
Land 110 > 8/88
[282 L]
Land 90 9/88 >
[283 S]
Land 90 > 8/88
[282 L]
Range 87 >
[281 S]
Range > 86
[284 L]

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Steering wheel alternative -



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Defender steering wheel compatibility.

What can go where.

Web Rover (http://www.web-rover.co.uk/nav.php?p=articles/steeringwheels)

And a Discovery 300tdi 'fat column' equivalent won't go onto a 'fat column' Defender.

See here also

4th February 2013, 05:48 PM
Latest info from Rick130--

"Messaged Carl who used to import Isotta and Luisi steering wheels and hubs and he doesn't have any 48 spline Defender hubs left and won't be importing any more, but has a few early 110 and TD5 wagon 36 spline hubs still up on ebay."