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1st February 2008, 03:31 PM
Time to consider communications for the project Land Rover.
I have used for the last 14 years a Barrett 550 with auto tune and it has been great. After sales service has been very good and I would be happy to consider Barrett Radios again.
The Codan I have used in other vehicles and found it not as friendly to use. One trip with 3 Codans and non programmed to scan. Trying to change this with the manual proved ellusive to us. I have heard that owners are happy with them and it may have been an issue with how they had been programmed.
The ICOM F7000 is new on the block and I have not even seen one of these radios, let alone seen how they operate.
What experiences have you with these radios. I am keen to hear about both the new ICOM and Barrett radios.

2nd February 2008, 02:22 AM
Gday, I have worked in remote south auz for the past 21 years in all sorts of locations.. I work for an emergency service and we rely on our HF's.

Police, ambos, firies and ses all carry and use them in vehicles.

the new NGT codan is a cracker!. No programming each time as it has a memory etc... the mines department has just started using them as they assessed them against all other brands over 12 months. apparently it won hands down..

im using a recently surpassed codan model but am still happy with it...

Ive been able to use a codan after a vehicle rollover in the mud in the desert where the set was actually sitting in 1/4" water...it still operated!!
(wasnt mine was one we came across on motorbikes looking for missing people after rains not far from lake eyre..)

anyway thats my 2c worth...i suggest look at the NGT (we use blue/grey face as has more options, I know less remote use a yellow faced model??)


2nd February 2008, 06:53 AM
Hopefully at the Queanbeyan 4x4 show next weekend will have a few radios on show.
Will have a look at the NGT Codan and watch how it scans as this feature is important in remote travel.