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5th May 2008, 09:45 PM
Two questions _
How's that for value . Not one , but two questions in the one thread !
In January Peterpan asked about Weight Distribution Hitches .
During the discusions Bushwanderer said that the maximum towball downweight was 150 kg .
Given the 3500 kg towing capacity , I would have expected it to be 350 kg .
Surely this is a misprint ?
Tell me I'm right ! Please !!

I tried to find this out for myself , but no luck .
I Googled it , I went to the LR site , I went to various reviews and road tests . Everywhere I went they were all quite happy to tell me how much it could tow , but nowhere could I find the maximum tow ballweight . Is it a state secret ?
I also had a look around this site but couldn't find anything , but sometimes you can't see the woods for the trees . So the second question is - Is there a section here somewhere that gives all the Disco 3 specifications ?
Thanks John

5th May 2008, 10:05 PM
Towball downweight on mine is 350kg.

The book says that if it is greater than 150kg, just watch the loading of the car itself to make sure axle limits are not exceeded.

6th May 2008, 10:09 AM
Would you ( or one you other guys out there ) have the GVM or maximum rear axle loading ?

Alternatively (in round figures)
If you only had say 200kg on the towball , you could still have a reasonable load , say 2 passengers plus luggage in the back .
Whereas if you had the full 350 kg on the towball , you wouldn't want too much more in the back .
Is that correct ?

Also I assume that the coil spring D3 and the air suspension D3 have the same ratings . Is this also correct ?

Thanks John

6th May 2008, 11:53 AM
Hi John,

Maximum GVM: 3180-3230kg
Maximum rear axle load: 1840-1875kg
(I'm unsure of why there is a range for the MAX. but the range is small enough to not be a problem).

Towing Weights & Dimensions:
On-road Off-road
Unbraked trailers: 750kg 750kg
Trailers with overrun brakes: 3500kg 1000kg
Nose weight @ max GVM: 350kg 350kg
NOTE: If nose weight of greater than 150kg is necessary (up to 350kg max), vehicle load should be reduced to ensure that the GVM & rear axle weights are not exceeded.

Best Wishes,
PS: Thanks to Jamo for clarifying my earlier post.

10th May 2008, 08:41 AM
I've got a pretty good idea of towing stuff generally , but just a bit short on the specific Disco knowledge .
You blokes help a lot .
Thanks John