View Full Version : Some tips and advice?

11th August 2008, 10:58 PM
In a couple of days Iím going to meet up with a mate of mine in Darwin.
He owns a D3, and he and his wife are towing a caravan around Australia, doing the grey nomad thing.
I thought Iíd pass on some of the wisdom Iíve learnt so far on this site.

Heres a few tips Iíll pass on -
1) Peterpam had water in his fuel and it buggered his motor.
Brian Hjelm, Roadwarrior, and Piddler said to fit a Racor filter.
Seems to me like it would be worth every cent. Apart from the cost of an engine, being stranded half way between Darwin and Perth because of a tank full of bad fuel would seriously ruin your day !
2) Bushwanderer had electrical problems cased by a faulty transfer case ECU. CaverD3 said the ECU was susceptible to water, and he coated his with Plasticote.
3) WA Darryl had a problem with his audio system. Scouse, and Brick, said to disconnect/ reconnect the battery. WhiteD3 also added to hold them together for 10 secs after disconnecting. Maybe resets the computer ?

Any other simple tips I can pass on ?

Thanks John