View Full Version : Removing entire '95 Disco ES stereo system

30th December 2008, 08:12 AM
I'm planning on upgrading the audio in the Disco soon and I figure the best way is to start from scratch. I've already had the speakers out, I know where the cd stacker is, and removing the rear subwoofers looks like easy work. It's the amplifiers I'm unsure of. Should I take these out too or will they compliment the new headunit and speakers? Where are they located?


30th December 2008, 11:18 AM
any amp is going to compliment a stero set up especially if your not intending on fittin one with the new setup i. you haven't brought one.

1 amp is better than no amp

30th December 2008, 04:17 PM
The amps u r referring to are satelite amps running each channel (ie each speaker) of the stereo. This was common in the vehicles with the rear subs in the back door. The upshot is that these amps are there because the headunit does not have an internal amp of its own. The amplifier in a modern stand alone head unit will be far superior to the factory units located around yr vehicle. Its a pig to get them and your better off leaving them where they are. The down side is that you cannot use the speaker wires that exist at the rear of the current head unit. You have two choices.

1 locate the speaker wires that run from the satelite amps to the speakers and hook on to these. You will obviously have to run new speaker wires from head unit to the existing wires. From memory the easiest point to hook in to front speaker wires post satelite amp is in the kick panels. Bit of a dog to get to and identify.

2 Run completely new speaker wires from head unit to speaker. Easy to keep track of the wire, but you have to negotiate the boot running from body to door. Possible with a piece of stiff fence wire to act as your trace, but a bit of wrist bender. Upside here is that you have the opportunity to use some quality speaker wire from the go.

If your going to use external amps yourself I would recomend option two as the added power, and presumably better quality speakers makes the option of better quality speaker wire and less joins in the line a prefferable one.

Any questions, fire away.