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29th January 2009, 05:46 PM
Hi All,
Sorry to bring this up again, but I have looked at several posts on the subject and they dont quite make sense (probably just me....).
I am installing a Hayman Reese controller.
White wire I will run using 4mm wire straight from -ve pole of battery.
Black wire I will run using 5 or 6mm wire straight from +ve pole of battery.
Blue will run to rear of vehicle and be joined to brake wire to trailer.
Now the red wire will also run to the rear of the vehicle and tap into the brake light wire (green with purple trace).
Now I gather from other posts that a diode is required to prevent voltage flowing from the brake controller into the brake circuit. ie Between the red wire and green/purple wire.
The problem I have with that, is that it will prevent the brake lights from coming on when I depress the manual override on the brake controller.
I am wondering if the solution is to cut the green/purple wire and place the diode in there and then splice/tap the controller in on the brake light side of the diode.
Any thoughts on that??
Regards Andrew

29th January 2009, 08:42 PM
Hi Andrew,
I gather you have looked at this already...

It will be easier to run the 4 wires to the rear of the vehicle & do all connections as per LR instructions. You cant actually bolt any Earth to the battery terminal because of the concave bolt head wont allow it.

The diode will allow feed for the brakes to work, just make sure the kathode end faces the brake controller end (or point it towards the wirng from the controller), if you do this correctly all will work as per normal.

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Cheers & congrats on the new beast

29th January 2009, 10:15 PM
Hi Peter,
Agree and understand the diode will allow the brakes to work. But the tape into the brake line actually performs two functions.
1) Allows the brake controller to detect when the brakes have been applied.
2) Allows the brake controller to turn on the brake lights when the manual brake function on the controller is activated. Like you might do when the trailer starts to swing.

Having the diode in place stops the second function. Trailer still brakes, but no lights.


29th January 2009, 10:16 PM
Where does one find the LR instructions for fitting a brake controller?

30th January 2009, 08:34 AM
It MAY be on GTR under SSM's. I am not sure how far the "public" have access to it. I use mine at work but am logged on as a dealer.
It is just a couple of pictures showing where to connect everything & what the connectors are named.
I am on holidays & wont be back till the end of next week (Wed).
The dealer should have access for u in Canberra!?