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Thread: Book - Where Dead Men Lie by Leyland Brothers

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDNSW View Post
    Yes, but it is not for sale - I make a cameo appearance in it!

    Should be fairly easy to find on line, it was quite popular.

    Note: Leyland, not Layland.
    I have a number of copies of this book. One I am fortunate to have was personally dedicated to and signed by Mike and Mal to Dr David Manners, the medico who helped them out with setting up their first aid stuff for the trip. This part of the story is near the end of Chapter 1 in the book. I also have "Untamed Coast" the story of their boat trip from Darwin to Sydney, also signed and dedicated to Dr Manners. It's also signed by Trevor Teare, the 3rd crew member who was Pat Leylands brother.

    Where about in "Dead Men lie" do you have your "cameo". Curious to look up.


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    Chapter seventeen p134 in the hardback. I'm the twin without the moustache. We had just set out from camp, and drove non-stop (except for meals and fuel stops), swapping drivers, to Sydney.

    Pictures show them in our camp, and a rather distant picture of my Landrover involved.
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