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Thread: The Irony of a D2 more reliable than a Honda

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    The Irony of a D2 more reliable than a Honda

    I used to have an E36 M3 which had niggly little problems all the time, and with its leather everything was unsuitable for my wife's wishes to go to the beach every day and fill the boot with golf gear.

    Seeing I had the RRC I figured That I only needed one car that needed constant attention so bought a Honda Jazz. The first black Jazz was written off in a rear ender so we bought another 2006 with a white one with only 40KK onit.

    The Jazz has now 107KK and has needed a new clutch at 80KK and now has a definite input mainshaft bearing rattle. I can excuse the car a bit as when we bought it had to replace the clutch pedal rubber as a chef owned it who must have used "Doc Martins" to drive. In addition it had a major passive accident when parked in a carpark where a learner rear ended it and drove it about 6 metres into another parked car while it was in 1st gear. Still mainshaft bearing problems are pretty major in terms of labour cost.

    On researching I find that input mainshaft bearing problems are pretty common on Jazz and generally happen at about 100KK. There is a Canadian Youtube how to video and a UK company sells a kit to replace the bearing and seal on Ebay.( sort of like Land Rovers LOL)

    Yet the old 2002 D2 has soldiered on with few problems.

    So it looks like I will have to DIY as it will be I reckon about a grand for a mechanic to do, as you have to remove then dismantle the gearbox to do the job. The bearings are on order. At least everything is pretty light.

    So we LR owners can feel better.

    Regards Philip A
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