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Thread: Y62 patrol

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    Tom Price - Pilbara WA
    Last bloke I stopped for was on the Rio railway access road (I'll always stop for someone along any gravel road up here) who had a flat tyre. His factory screw jack had **** itself while trying to jack the wheel off the ground.
    I remember years ago - would have been around 2002 from memory I had a flat on the Marble Bar- Nullegine rd where the spare wheel winder seized up after moving down about 1/4 the way. Had about 6 cars go past in the time it took me to sort it all out - the first 5 where all white fellas, the last one (just as I was finishing up mind you) was a car full of black fellas who where the only ones to stop and ask if we where ok
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    I know that Nullagine to Marble Bar road pretty well and it is a bugger of a bit of road to break down on.
    Yes the blackfellers up that way are a pretty good Mob, not so sure about the whitefellers though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trout1105 View Post
    Yes the blackfellers up that way are a pretty good Mob, not so sure about the whitefellers though.
    Pretty much the norm in some places out there...😣
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    I stopped for a blackfellow once. He was on the side of the road with his cobbled up car. It was dark and i had some stuff on the seat of my ute so i asked if he was okay to ride in the back. He wanted me to take him to a phone booth just down the road to make a call. Said something about his family. When i arrived at the phone booth i think I saw another blackperson nearby in the darkness. I decided to leave as soon as his feet touched the ground. I am a big bloke so that might have helped. It just felt fishy but not sure. Was in nsw slightly inland from the coast.

    Another time i gave a blackmother and daughter a lift near Kempsey NSW. The daughter started playing with a small metallic thing from my centre console like it was a toy. When they got out she took it with her. I asked for it back and thankfully it was given to me.

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