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Thread: Y62 patrol

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    If i came home with a ontrak 2 inch lift, 35s and modified it to a level close to that of my previous 110 the mrs would probably kill me...its a compromise vehcile between family bus and capable getaway tourer/4wd

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammypluge View Post
    See, thats what i mean, is anyone seriously offroading a Y62? Its a shame, i reckon with the right mods they should go okay.

    Rhett's Automotive, flex track, Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park - YouTube
    Is that seriously offroading an amarok?
    Plenty of guys are running these patrols offroad, just not everyone makes videos of themselves!

    I have driven both, and believe me, that Rok doesn't come close

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