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Thread: Long wheelbase Suzuki Jimny on the way

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    Long wheelbase Suzuki Jimny on the way

    Not big on specifics

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    Quote Originally Posted by spudfan View Post
    Not big on specifics
    Have to say I have a soft spot for them. One on a Uncles farm was able to be lifted out of bogs by a 12 year old or two.

    Another Largest Automotive Disaster of All times (LADA) is getting a revival with all the high tech removed No chips or ABS due to sanctions is going back to basics plus No radio should not be a problem. Mine had so much road noise you could just hear the radio if at 100% volume when at 100-110kph. Don't laugh too much. Mine did get to 110 kph in WA and South Oz drives.
    Lada production resumes with no airbags or radios

    Three months after it went on hold, production of Lada cars has restarted but strict Western sanctions mean most modern safety and tech features are off-limits.

    Export sanction an NO basic bothersome safety stuff may mean its in Russia only

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