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Thread: Collectors - we'll feature YOU in the famous AULRO newsletter

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    Collectors - we'll feature YOU in the famous AULRO newsletter

    Righto guys and gals, blokes and sheilas:

    Many of you must be collector's (of things aside from Landy bits and pieces).

    Of course if you collect SPECIFIC landy things (eg corgi cars, series 1 windscreen wipers etc) as opposed to "general landy sh*t (as my missus puts it) then that would be interesting too.

    PM me with answers to the following questions or email to me (if you have pics to add - preferred !

    and YOU could be famous

    The Questions for collectors to answer:

    1. What do you collect?
    2. How long have you been collecting?
    3. How many items do you have in your collection?
    4. What is the rarest item you have in your collection? Where did you get it
    5. What was the first item in your collection? Where did you get it from?
    6. What is the latest addition to your collection?
    7. What is the most prized item in your collection? Why?
    8. Do you know many other collectors of the same kind?
    9. What made you start collecting?
    10. What do you enjoy most about collecting?
    11. Is there a particular item you are seeking that is proving hard to find?
    12. Would you ever sell your complete collection? Why or why not?
    13. Do you trade your items? If so, how?
    14. How do you source most of your items?
    15. Any other comments?
    16. Do you have a photo of you with your collection?

    It would be best to email or PM me rather than post in this thread, as it would be best to surprise people in the newsletter !

    Cheers AULROVIANS !

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