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Thread: Suggestions for hiking mat

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    Quote Originally Posted by goingbush View Post

    Dave, I like the idea of those Hammocks, but what do you do if there is only one tree ??
    If you are car based then you can just tie off to your roof rack. Some hammocks can also be setup on the ground reasonably easy if need be.

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    One tree hammock hangs;
    One Tree hammock hang
    Cheers, BDave.
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    I had 3/4 ultralight thermarests for 20 years as they were small. Used them for ski touring in conjunction with a 1/2 length foam mat. I never felt cold when I was in my 20s. Perfectly reliable. Never had the mould problem as always stored them valve open and always tried to leave them self inflate in the tent for a hour or so.

    Last month we gave them to the kids and looked at something thicker as we age. Went for the Exped. Smaller, lighter and much thicker. You can even lie on your side. I got the Ultralight - which needs care - and the mrs went the normal Synmat. The down ones were an extra $100 but the heat saving was not worth it for me for where I go.

    Expeds seemed to be much cheaper here than in the US believe it or not. Paid around 130 & 150AUD.

    Thermarest make a thick mat that is similar. But its really really noisy - crinkly like a chip packet. I know a couple of people that don't use them any more for that reason.

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    Used to hike almost every other weekend when I was young and fit. I just used to put my sleeping bag on a ground sheet and that was it. When it started to hurt too much, I bought a 4WD...

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    Another vote for both the Exped and a Hennessy hammock

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    Agree with Isuzu. Mine's stored upright and inflated. I leave it closed just to avoid moisture and creepies getting in.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I ended up going for the Thermarest, bought one a couple months ago and no regrets so far. Think I'll go the Exped next time just to compare the two.

    Rolls up nice and small in the swag which is ideal because I only have a motorbike at the moment. I have noticed that if I haven't camped in a few weeks it does take longer to inflate, under the bed is a tops suggestion!

    I'm off to a trip to the Flinders in a few weeks with some friends - 2 weeks away. Will be its longest trip so will be interesting to see how my back is when I get back.

    Would love a Hennessey to go with it but the 'one tree' camp spot worried me too. Bit hard to hang a hammock off a motorbike

    Cheers, Meg

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