It was pelting down in Brisbane and I have to admit I was hesitant about going for a walk. The bro in law had invited me to his favorite spot, Mt Walsh NP. Itís about 80klm west of Maryborough, and just outside Biggenden. We were off to have a look at, and spend the night in a cave at Coongara Rock. My apologies for the pic quality, I only had my phone.

We a small section along a fire trail, before some nice off track to our lair for the afternoon. The weather was overcast with light drizzle. It made for wet walking but the temp was pleasant. We had driven for 4 hours, but we made camp in 2 on foot.

It was quite sizable and completely dry. Only a few bats calling it home and a kangaroo had taken shelter at some point. You can see our bed arrangements against the wall. Gee I love a bivouac.

We didnít have much to do getting there so early. Still didnít bother me. A coffee, some biscuits and watch the weather pass suited me fine.

Woke the next day to clear skies and post card scenery. Listening to the Kookaburras and Cockatoos in this valley made any of the effort getting here insignificant.

Well it was time to hoof it over to the proper Coongara Rock. From there we sniffed around a bit and made our way up on top. Bit tricky due to wet rock but was happy with the result.

You can see the fire trail in this one. It was our route back to the car. Would make a dam good drive in a Landy, but yes, itís gated.

Another one down, time for the long drive home.

There is a bit to do In Mt Walsh NP if you like off track walking. Trouble is the lack of water. There is only one know water supply at ďthe rock poolĒ. If itís not on your itinerary then you carry what you need.