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Thread: running on cooking oil

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    I bought 20 ltrs of new 'cooking' oil for $10 at the markets a few years ago, went straight into the td5 tank while it was running warm. Didn't even know it was there, ran perfectly.

    I went back to the same market the next week hoping to buy more but they had sold it all.

    All the time I owned my d2 I was always looking for cheap cooking oil , sometimes I could buy small bottles cheap.

    the td5 would run on nearly any combustible fluid as long as it was clean and low viscosity.

    If I got onto a batch of used cooking oil I'd filter it through several of those green cotton shopping bags, several being the number required to see no staining in the bottom, then I'd use it at around 2:1 with diesel.

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    I have a customer who runs his 1986 Mercedes Benz 300D on used cooking oil. He initially started with a twin tank system that started on diesel, then switched over, but now puts it straight in the fuel tank.
    I am forever replacing fuel filters for him, as he must be a bit lazy / complacent when it comes to filtering the oil. So much so that his maintenance costs would have bought him a lot of diesel fuel, although for him it is an intellectual excercise, rather than a purely fiscal one.
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