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Thread: Cuting wvo with petrol

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    have a talk to the refuellers at the airport. should be able to get Jet A1 for a reasonable price and certainly cheaper than bottled kero. A couple of jerry cans should make it commercially viable.

    a discussion about tank drains will also prove valuable if they can keep the Jet A and Avgas separate. Don't use the avgas under any circumstances.

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    Petrol is fine.... Just mix in 20lt batches and use it.. A friend has a common rail Mazda Ute with the 2.4 Ford engine in it, and he's used his WVO with 10% petrol since the vehicle was new two years ago.. It now has 82000kms on it! His wife's Holden Epica also lives on it. Admittedly, he's well set up with his processing plant, and his finished product is filtered twice thru a 10 micron filter and looks as clean as new shop bought oil.

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