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Thread: Bio fuels only for older engines?

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    10,561 the replies I wanted too...

    I used bio a lot in my td5 but needed to sound out it's potential in the pumas.....which is nfg.

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    gday mate i coming from the fuel industry and i will not put ANY bio diesel in anything diesel engine as the bio additive is no good for any engine unless the engine is designed to run on the stuff, only factory car that can run on bio or even blended bio fuels are vws . newer common rail cars can handle it but the bio destroys injectors plus all your seals in the car plus if car sits for a week it will cause major issues as it glogs up and can eat fuel tanks. few of the major fuel companies are injecting 2% bio into there diesels and that low amount is screwing up older trucks , my company is one of these and i have a fuel card but i pay to buy my diesel from bp as its the only decent diesel left in this country.

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    I drove a hired 200series LC for a while at work recently and it had stickers everywhere saying not to use biodiesel, repair cost to hirer etc
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