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Thread: Olympus parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by S3ute View Post
    Yes, seems to be that way.

    Mrs S3ute has taken to more frequently accusing me of becoming a grumpy old man and Miss S3ute chips in with the odd accusation of mansplaining - both charges being no doubt warranted.

    I tend to support the theory that cynics are just well-informed optimists.

    Whatever, I can contemplate all that from the vantage point of a nice cup of black tea (the milk jug having been put back in the fridge for now) and a fixed camera.


    You could order one of these:

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    Closure at last......

    Hello again from Sherwood.

    Home again from the camera shoppe with my E-5 safely back in order.

    Thanks to all who had a hand in its' speedy recovery - also a nice thought to the croc or hippo that might have eaten or trodden on the original part.

    Off to enjoy a nice pot of black tea (no milk or biscuits or kale) on the back deck and contemplate the next outing. Sounds a bit like a Famous Five story.

    Reading zero on the grumpiness scale too which is a short term bonus of sorts.


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