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Thread: Posting photos from smartphones

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    Posting photos from smartphones

    Hello from Sherwood.

    There is presently a thread under General Chat on sheds that has a problem with correctly orienting the embedded photos. These have apparently been taken with a smartphone of some unknown brand and in each case the posted photo image(s) is 90 degrees off vertical.

    I haven't had the problem myself because I typically post photos from a domain collection such as Photobucket (no longer) and Flickr (nowadays). But apart for the thread mentioned before I have come across the same problem on several other forums.

    So, I was wondering what the solution is - getting the correct orientation of an embedded photo taken from a smartphone?

    While I'm at it - for convenience these days I will often leave my digital camera at home and just use my iPhone (7) for taking photos. Plus prefer not to cart around my computer which has the photo editing and storage software on it. When travelling for a longer period it is tempting to create threads and post up some photos from the iPhone - is there an easy way to do it?


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    I've never had a problem posting photos from my previous Samsung or current Oppo phone using the AULRO ap.
    I just tap the Photos, Files icon on the left of the screen below this message, search and find the photo in my gallery, tap to select it, add some words and hit the post button. They always come up the right way.
    Maybe the poster with the problem needs to Edit the photos in his gallery to change the orientation before posting them?
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