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Thread: Smartspace Cookware

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    Smartspace Cookware

    Anyone had any experience with these SmartSpace Pots With Lids - Camec Official Store: RV and Caravan Accessories . I like how they nest, and are squarish to avoid wasted space, but they're not cheap!

    BTW, Supercheap have them for 25% today ($164.25)
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    We used to have them. They are good for space saving. Don't have them anymore as we sold the camper and use our hiking stove instead now.

    They're a good buy.

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    Bugger, wish I had seen this earlier,, we've been looking at them for a while now,, Leeanne reckons they'd be good for the van, but the price has put us off a bit.
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    Good idea but $$$ !

    Do you REALLY need to save a little bit of space? I submit to you that it won't make enough difference.
    How often do you use >1 pot at a time anyway?
    It's not broken. It's "Carbon Neutral".


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    Funny you should say that. When we were “decking” out the van with stuff we wanted/needed, we’ve decided against these, as not only are they expensive, damn they’re heavy.

    Weve just ended up opting for more lightweight stuff which will still do the job, but at a fraction of the weight.
    Most of the larger vans only have about a 400kg buffer in them to allow for “all” your stuff. This includes everything from clothes to food and don’t forget, that means linen towels, boots, shoes toiletries etc etc etc. Plates, pots and pans, plastics, cutlery cups mugs,, you name it, it’s all included. Then there’s water as well. We have two tanks, so straight up, if they are full, I think they are 180lts all up, so we’re almost half way there to start with just for water. A weeks worth of groceries isn’t light either, and doesn’t include your stuff which you might only buy once a month or so.

    So for us, it was a case of save a few kilo’s for other stuff to go in it’s place. And the money saved,, well, that’s at least a full tank of fuel to get us to where we’re going.

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