I really only have 2 affective led lights...one goes back at least 3 vehicles , a multi led cylinder with about12 leds up one side , what a ripper for seeing in front of you at night. I charge it perhaps once a year on one of my trips into SA.

The other is one of those king kong maglites , you know the one , if you get hit with it you stay down. 4 D cells powers it and its good for perhaps 200m on narrow focus and you can open it up for huge wide spread. I put new batteries in it regardless every march/april before my first trip each year.

I have no idea how many of those little $5/ 6 led torches I've left all over Australia , or I leave them in the pocket in my swag and they're knackered when I find them. It keeps super cheap happy.

Now for my next trip I'm fitting a Korr light bar of about 30 cells with a luminosity of 1 lux @ 500mtrs. That will keep the truckers unhappy out on the Mitchell Hwy , which if any of you know has an incredibly reflective straight surface.

Btw I don't dislike truckers.....they have helped me immensely in my past. I dip my lights after the 2nd or 3rd request......