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Thread: Rechargable lights

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    LEDs and batteries here - bright, safe and cheap.
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    Around camp and on the boat I use the LED strip lights powered from the house batteries and I control the intensity of these lights with a rheostat.
    For portable light I use those rechargeable led torches that are available at Bunnings that have both a spot beam and a Fluro type light that both have 2x intensities that can last up to 4 hrs and I recharge these using a USB port, These cost about $30 a pop.
    Both types of lights have so far given me at least 5 years of good service so far

    light.jpg light1.jpg

    The LED strip lights are incredibly tough and will take heaps of abuse even in a marine enviroment
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    At some point you have to just say no to all these toys and get something actually good...

    try the BLF LT1 sofrin lantern, super compact, amazing build quality, awesome colour rendering from 2700-5000kelvins range, runs on 4x18650 li-ions and not those embarrassing low energy dense cells you see in generic camping stores. can charge direct off usb solar...although an external fast 4bay li-ion charger is best, they will even charge aa nimh eneloops etc.

    it requires protected 18650s at about 26bucks for high capacity ~3300mah, because all unprotected dont have button tops.

    its advertised as 600lumens, but really it's more like 400-450, that is constant until almost empty. but most generic lanterns will never give their output constant because they are toys.

    combined with a compact lite camera tripod and you got yourself the be all end all light, great for in tent.
    if you love halogen and hate the clinical look of led this lantern is just awesome.

    now, beyond that i have a 100watt halogen lamp at just above head height running off the lifepo4 13.2volts gives a respectable 2200lumens/85watts that no led lightstrip or lantern has a hope of matching. add in a dimmer to set low later at night and it's just magic.
    amazing kitchen light.

    there are warm white high cri leds but all are 240v and sadly can't be dimmed. plus 240v is dangerous if you dont know what your doing.

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