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Thread: New (to me) Dingo camper trailer

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    New (to me) Dingo camper trailer

    Hey all,
    I bought this camper trailer last week for a great price of $1500, can't wait to take it for a test run.
    It's a late 90s early 2000s Dingo offroad camper. It has independent suspension, electric brakes, off road hitch, about 100l water tank underneath, pull out kitchen with great burners, 40l LPG capacity, 3 jerry can, holders, large annexe and the list goes on.
    We will be going away in late Feb to Cape conran for a big family camping trip so I'm hoping I can update a few things before that.
    I'm planning to build a bigger and better pull out kitchen using the original burners but include a permanent sink along with drawers for all the necessary items.
    I'd like to set up a stand alone solar power system to make the trailer more independent from the tug. (If anyone has any recommendations that would be great)
    And I'd like to set up a portable hot water system to make life easier for my pregnant wife and kids. I've looked at a few online and they seem to be quite cheap and worth the money, I can carry enough LPG to run the burners and the HWS. (Again any recommendations will be great)
    I have some 6 stud wheels with decent mud tyres which I will put on if the tyres aren't too big and I'd like to give it a fresh lick of paint.
    Hoping to get the ball rolling on the kitchen soon along with everything else.
    I'll be updating this thread as I go.

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    Good score Jim

    I picked up a Cavalier a few years ago for the same price, needed work, but good base for our adventures into the wilderness

    With two boys who think they live in a tent at home and a dog who believes she has to be indoors even when camping I didn’t want anything too “flash”
    Also taking it down some pretty unused tracks down south to get to our favourite marroning spots (the wife says we are the only people stupid enough to drive down them) a little bit of rubbing would make a twenty grand camper worth two or three pretty quickly, I’m happy to have outlaid only $1500

    I hope it serves you and your family well for years to come
    One word of warning, try not to stay at too many caravan parks with all the mod cons, the wife won’t want to “do it ruff” again.
    Don’t ask
    It seems me and the boys (and the dog) only go to those spots nowNew (to me) Dingo camper trailer

    New (to me) Dingo camper trailerNew (to me) Dingo camper trailerNew (to me) Dingo camper trailer
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