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Thread: RRC Door Opening Stoppers

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    So, how come no one in this august group has yet checked after all these years to see if a Disco version can slot straight into the door and pillar of a RRC as a direct swap? When I finally get Bessie back, looks like that will have to be one of the first potential enhancement options on the list.
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    Hi Gavin
    I have at the moment a 1999 series 2 disco that is a wreck and I have my 2003 TD5 and I also have a 2004 D2 V8 ,the 2003 and 2004 have the same straps,however the 1999 has a beefier strap and design.
    I have been wondering if the D2 door would fit the classic Rangie with the rangie door skin swapped over.
    My reasons are that it's getting harder to find rust free classic doors. Mine are starting to rust from the inside out in the double skin places.
    I will try and take some pictures of the different straps when I get a chance.
    if I had a spare rangie I would try this myself but unfortunately I don't.
    You are welcome to borrow one of the doors I have on the wreck to have a play if you see if the strap will fit.
    kind regards
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