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    Where do you get those nice brass crimp fittings and pliers? The type that most factory Jap stuff has. I had some a while ago and lost the crimping plies, the only pliers I could get were expensive (to buy not quaility) Navara one's. Not much choice for the fittings themselves either, shops mostly only stock the squash ones.
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    Terminals these days are available everywhere. The pliers are ok. However you never squeeze tight enough like a factory joint (that almost welds by compression). Ebay has a vast array of terminals. If you intend to use terminal blocks ensure the spade terminal have the 'tag" on the back of them so they don't fall out of the housings. Ebay uk is the place to look for some of the better quality stuff (they salt the roads over there, so the wiring unless waterproof dies very quickly with copper rot/green connectors).

    Ratchet Crimp Connector Terminal Crimper for Uninsulated Spades | eBay

    I'd give these crimpers a go. You are talking un-insulated terminal crimpers I imagine? I never use insulated terminals ( even though I have them and ratchet crimpers for them here). I reckon they are crap and you can never be sure you have a good connection. I use the un-insulated terminals and put a touch of solder on them if I don't have enough confidence in the crimps.

    I find kits no good, they always come with all the terminals you don't need. Instead, work out what you need.... buy a big kit of ring terminals, and the spade terminals you need. The brass ones are probably cheaper terminals. They look fancy but will tarnish. the nickel/tin coated brass terminals are probably better ??

    My problem is I keep trying to buy the cheap stuff. Its hard to pick quality when buying on ebay/web shops. You can get the quality waterproof connectors blocks readily enough, but I'm to much of a cheap arse (they are very expensive).

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    Jaycar have a some good quality crimpers & terminals.

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