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Thread: Correct engine no?

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    Correct engine no?

    Armed with my 1977 Suffix D vehicle no how could I find the correct engine no?
    It has a replacement motor.

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    PLR posted this response.

    Quote Originally Posted by PLR View Post
    Correct engine no?

    Hi could someone tell Hammersley he`s looking for a 355 prefix with an 8.25:1 ratio unless it`s a CKD then 359 prefix with 8.25:1 , if it originally had a 355 suffix F engine the ratio would be 8.13:1 ( don`t know how to tell , all small valve engines , short shaft oil pumps etc .

    I don`t have pms and cannot post in other areas .

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    The only way to pin down the original engine number would be to find previous registration documentation prior to the engine change.

    If you have old registration papers or even rego labels this will help.

    You used to be able to get this information from registration authorities but with the change to digital records most of these are not available and if they are only go back 20 years or so - so you may still be in luck if the engine was changed sooner rather than later. Also some authorities have restrictions on information release due to privacy considerations.

    10 years ago I was able to get original information on both my Series 1s from NSW for a fee, however at the time they were transitioning from paper to digital and the new system would only have records from 1982 - so I just got in to get my records from 1957 but I would not get them now.

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