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Thread: Throwing good money after bad @ an RRC... when do YOU call it a day?

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    Haven't you guys heard of a club permit. You just move the proper car to a permit and buy the modern plastic POS .... you'll be sick of the modern POS in no time... But at least you haven't sold the proper car Club permits are about $70 a year for 45days. You will not need to full 45 days if your driving the plastic fantastic POS as the daily driver.

    Shane L.
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    Haven't bought one yet! hahahaa is that a "your time here is coming to an end" ???

    Naaah, wannabee L322 owners are tougher than that.

    I'll stick with my plastic POS ta very much as the D1 was looking like having to had spent aprox 14k on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercguy View Post
    Yes, confirmed fit to oct 1991 mfg. is 5607

    Arrived today, and refitted my old prototipo, with a new carbon trim ring and horn button (which obviously is not the horn...)

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    Glad to help mate

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    I've owned RRC's for over 20 years now of various models, sadly the money spent over the journey I could of paid for a home in cash

    Despite this I still enjoy driving them when I get one on the road, either on road or on the tracks they just a joy to drive. The non existent fuel economy and the reliability could be better but it's never a dull moment owning a RRC, the older the model the more simple the upkeep. Currently in the fleet I've got a 88 Rangie 'pov spec' and a 84 Hi-Line, a couple of 2 doors in bits as well. They're all projects but I might get them day

    I'm not anti-social I'm anti-idiot!!!

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