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Thread: Tubeless tyres and non-safety rims?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDNSW View Post
    In my childhood, most flats were from horseshoe nails - with most roads unsealed, a fresh lot of these were brought to the surface every time a road was graded.

    However, I remember one occasion, where a four inch nail was found inside the tyre - unworn, and shiny, like the jar of nails in the cupboard on the verandah where the tyre was fitted after the latest horseshoe nail repair. I'm afraid a pair of small boys got blamed for that!

    Funny that you mention horseshoe nails John.
    John i have one here that i have kept as a memento from a puncture i picked up on the Oodnadatta Track back in the early 1970's.
    At the time it amazed me, as i was in Gibber country and expected a nick from a sharp rock to be the culprit.

    Cheers, Mick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme View Post
    If the rims are alloy, are the holes for the valve stems machined to allow for tubeless stems?
    Tubeless valve stems come in both sizes

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    I was thinking more of the absence of a machined outer recess for the outer valve stem seal on the very early alloy rims, providing my memory isn't playing tricks. My 84's rims have the recesses.
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    I have found that when using tubeless on the older rims and running low pressures off road, the bead has more of a propensity to pop at low speeds in ruts etc. Resulting in need for a ratchet strap to reseat it or a can of spray and a match. Often also requiring cleaning out all the mud from inside the rim..

    It may just have been the combination of particular circumstances but this is my perception at least.

    On the road - never had a problem and agree its neither unsafe or illegal. Some have speculated that insurance can be voided but this appears unfounded.

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