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Thread: If you were going to buy an RRC again...

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    My father had a '78 2 door,it was in very good condition.

    He decided to leave us in '84,and it was sold.

    My LR tragic brother had an '83 model for years.It had done a lot of beach work,before he bought it,cheaply, chassis was absolutely shagged.

    He got another chassis from MR auto,and we replaced it under the carport of our mothers house.

    It actually wasn't a very difficult job,but quite tedious.

    He kept it for many years,then replaced it with a one year old, '93 D1 V8,which is still his daily driver,and has done just under 400000 k's,with only one largish repair,replaced leaking head gaskets and cams.The cams were pretty good,but replaced them as it was apart.

    D4 MY12 white,2.7(with a few more killer wasps) rear air,e diff,xenons,arb bar,7 seat ,18" bfg KO2

    2009 Defender 110 (son's)ARB
    bar,snorkle,rocksliders,rack,KM3's,BAS chip

    '56 S1,been in the family since...'56

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    I'd find one as original as possible, with the best condition interior. Modifying them is far easier from a good base rather than going through who knows how many owners and how many years worth of modifications and 'improvements/repairs', especially if it's had heavy offroad use. Interior parts are harder to find than exterior parts and panels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilipA View Post
    I looked at a 2 door 77 once and the rear floor was rusted out and the rear crossmember gone .
    However that was not all.
    I drove it and it was almost unsteerable.
    I looked under and the drop arm on the steering box lock plates had both been put on one side and the drop arm was falling off the splines.
    Luckily I had my big socket with me and I tightened it up for the bloke and installed the lock plates correctly and bent them over..
    Again, Some people!
    Regards PhilipA
    A bit like a 78 I test drove from a well known Melbourne Indy and as I was changing gears the lever came out of the box.
    MY08 TDV6 SE D3- permagrin ooh yeah !
    98 TDI AUTO SE DISCO - gone and will be missed.
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