My 82 RRC would have been delivered with an LT95 gearbox with 0.996:1 high range transfer gears as it has a 9.35:1 high compression engine.
The car has had the LT95 replaced with a Chrysler Torqueflite 727 and an LT230 transfer case that has a 1.003:1 high range.
I have an LT77 5 speed with an LT230 transfer case that has 1.192:1 high range transfer gears.
When I compare the overall gear ratios from the LT95 to the LT77, 5th gear is not that much of an overdrive.
See top and second table below.
However, if I fit the LT230 from the auto to the LT77, the 4th gear ratios are almost exactly the same as the original LT95. Compare top and bottom table.
Then 5th gear will be a significant overdrive for cruising.

Is it as simple as unbolting the LT230 from the auto and bolting it to the LT77 in place of the current LT230, or is there something more complex to be done ?

Has anyone done this swap previously?