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Thread: What did you do on your Perentie Today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazzaTD5 View Post
    I'm sure you have checked but...
    The fuse panel on mine has poor connectivity between the fuses and the holder, age, light corrosion or tarnish and my indicators randomly stop working.
    Also with a poor connection the fuses can get hot, I had one of the head light fuses start to lightly smoke the other day.
    Lucas electrics and old army requirements makes an average electrical system.

    P.S and yes as others have pointed out, that dam hazard switch, i sometimes have to on/off, on/off a few times and again the indicators come back to life
    I actually suspect the fuse holders. Ive got to get some spares as well as ive run out of "stock". I found that a couple of holders were weak as well. Ill look there first as its easier than pulling tbe column covers off.

    Cheers Rod
    Cheers, Rod

    1967 Series 2a. 109 4 cyl petrol, Fairey o/drive, Athol Hedges roof.
    Currently undergoing rebuild.
    Will have-- soft top, 4 wheel disc brakes, salisbury rear diff, military colour, 12 pin nato socket, dual pintle hitch....

    1975 Series 3. 109 6cyl 186, 5 speed Nissan cabstar gearbox, mechanical winch, roo bar, kings awning, 50" light bar, roof rack, twin 6"light bars, kings awning tent.

    1969 NO. 5 trailer. ARN 176 464. soft top.

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    Today, well yesterday I filled up at the servo!
    Not something I have to do often, as most of my driving is start/stop very short runs. Even with poor short runs I'm getting 11L/100KM which is better than most new turbo diesels around town and it doesnt suffer EGR faults, DPF faults, sooting up or complete engine failures!
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    bought it.

    "In a Landrover the other vehicle is your crumple zone."

    For spelling call Rogets, for mechanicing call me.

    Fozzy, 2.25D SIII Ex DCA Ute
    TDI D1(its responded well to its lecture about poor performance)

    If you've benefited from one or more of my posts please remember, your taxes paid for my skill sets, I'm just trying to make sure you get your monies worth.
    If you think you're in front on the deal, pay it forwards.

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