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Thread: Show us your Perenties! - The Landy Lizard thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silenceisgolden View Post
    That looks wonderful, makes my feet very itchy. Does this mean you are about to head off on a trip?

    Cheers, Paul
    Yes just a short one, Dirranbandi to see the Paul Kelly and Friends Concert.
    1989 110 Perentie GS Cargo 6x6
    ARN 50-721
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    Hi All,

    Just got back from an 11 day trip up to Quobba and Gnaraloo Stations with my wife and our dog, Shell. Clocked up over 3000kms with a quick look at Exmouth on the way home. The RFSV didn't miss a beat. Returned around 12.5 litres per 100kms towing my No5 trailer for most of those kms. The No5 with roof top tent bolted on to it was awesome. Such a cheap simple setup that allowed us to set up a good base camp and then head out each day in the RFSV to have a look around the Stations. The North West of WA is a truly special place and this time of year the weather is what I consider perfect. A few images from our trip below.

    Regards Warrick.

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    Nice one. I have to get to Geraldton one day to see the Sydney memorial. My uncle was on it when she went down in 1941.
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    Taking the Perentie for a Sunday spin after fitting a fume guard and my Cooma badge..



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    Parking rulz today. Guess which one is mine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Cheers Rod
    Cheers, Rod

    1967 Series 2a. 109 4 cyl petrol, Fairey o/drive, Athol Hedges roof.
    Currently undergoing rebuild.
    Will have-- soft top, 4 wheel disc brakes, salisbury rear diff, military colour, 12 pin nato socket, dual pintle hitch....

    1975 Series 3. 109 6cyl 186, 5 speed Nissan cabstar gearbox, mechanical winch, roo bar, kings awning, 50" light bar, roof rack, twin 6"light bars, kings awning tent.

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