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Thread: Buying perentie at auction interstate

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    Buying perentie at auction interstate

    Looking at buying one at the Victorian auction and driving it home to NSW.
    What does "Vehicle comes with Vic and NSW Roadworthy Certificates - Issued 27/06/2019 (Valid 30days)” mean ? What would need to be done to drive it home that day.

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    You’d need an unregistered vehicle permit issued in the state you’re driving back to, so you’d need the vehicles details for this. They come with a Vic and NSW RWC so you only need to book in to your rego authority in your home state (assuming you’re in NSW or Vic) and you can get it registered.

    If you’re outside those states, it doesn’t mean anything.

    Be aware that just because it has a RWC it doesn’t mean it is ready for a long trip or the engine/gearbox/driveline don’t have issues, a RWC is about meeting the minimum safety requirements that state has to register a vehicle, so things like an engine knock, missing gear in the gearbox or dry wheel bearings wouldn’t be checked. This is very much ‘buyer beware’. You could get a great machine straight up that you could drive across the country no dramas without looking at it, but you could also get something that could leave you stranded 10km down the road so make sure you have a plan B if you are driving it home - that will come with some risks.

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