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Thread: Retrofitting missing factory options to new-ish LR's; FL2, Evoque, D3/D4, RRS, etc...

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    So is it a file you are selling for download Cambo?

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    Will PM you Scott.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noone View Post
    Hi mvelasco, I'll be following your footsteps if all goes well! Are you going to DIY or get a car audio shop to install it?

    Is there an instruction on how to remove panels to get access to the speakers?

    Hi noone, good to hear, make sure you share your experience/results in the future. Im still waiting on some of the speakers to arrive from overseas, so i dont have any progress to report.

    Initially i was gonna go the DIY route, but im afraid my lack of experience could end up with me messing something up, taking far too long, or unable to put things back together properly. Also when it comes to applying the dynamat im thinking an experienced installer would yield better results and more efficient use of time.

    Im thinking the more challenging part may be getting the shop to understand what im trying to do, and keep them from insisting on installing spacers, or making modifications to the vehicle. So im thinking i will just shop around and try to find someone that understands what im trying to do and has an open mind. Also, i have an almond interior, which means i have to be extra careful and get the right person for the job.

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    Just read through 14 pages of this thread & remembered when the Discovery 4 was released. A few months passed & people wanted to update/upgrade their tiny screen to the touch screen & nav systems & have not seen a thread at all on it....or missed it with googley eyes now

    Have you done a monochrome small screen upgrade to a touchscreen with nav to 10/11 MY as they have the same wiring architecture?

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