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Thread: Retrofitting missing factory options to new-ish LR's; FL2, Evoque, D3/D4, RRS, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by loanrangie View Post
    This weekend I will be adding an aux input to my base head unit' actually adding 3 in the form of 1 front ,1 rear and a spare input for a future mod.
    What did you do, just wire in some 3.5mm sockets?

    Quote Originally Posted by veebs View Post
    So I have the navigation / rear camera touch screen in my D4, but i don't get the details of the audio system showing on the smaller B&W screen near the speedo/tacho. Does anyone know if it's possible to add that somehow?
    I don't think that's something that can be "turned on", I don't recall seeing it as an option in the CCF anyhow. Usually things like that are in the actual software of the instrument cluster. Say for example it's different hardware & software in the instrument cluster of a 2010-2011 D4, vs. a 2012-onward, probably different again from 2014-onward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cambo@oldjaguar View Post
    What did you do, just wire in some 3.5mm sockets?
    Yes, found some info on disco3 forum and a member here who did it to his D3. Just hooking into the factory wiring that is already there minus the socket.
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