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Thread: Remote Face Car Radio

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    I got a very good boost in performance both AM and FM by updating the antenna.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donh54 View Post
    I got a very good boost in performance both AM and FM by updating the antenna.
    Yeah me too.
    I like DAB+(clarity and additional stuff, here in the big smoke).

    Pioneer doodad I got came with a window stick-on 'powered' DAB aerial. Fitted, worked OK-ish. From my place to Ballarat, I'd lose reception at about Melton(40-ish klms, very flat terrain) and it drop in and out a few klms further on and final reception area was always the Pentland Hills area, about 50+klms but high up and perfect line of sight to the city.
    Over the hill tho .... zip! I wouldn't get reception until I was back again.(BTW this is on ABC Melbourne, who don't seem to have the best transmission network on DAB+).

    Fitted a Mobile One fibreglass pole type antenna(had to find an adapter for the SMA connector) and reception now drops in and out all the way to Ballarat(110klms) up to Kryal Castle, where it then completely drops.
    At Gordon, in the forest(highest part of the freeway, but obscured from the city by hills and forest) I easily get full whack reception easily with the new antenna.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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