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Thread: Vehicle tracker- Is it 3g?

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    Vehicle tracker- Is it 3g?

    I bought a tracker recently & it does everything - except recieve the telephone network.
    It has a telltale light that should flash on connection but remains on ( I think it turns off after a while). If I remove the card ( an Aldi prepaid) & insert it in my phone all the texts I sent to the tracker come through, same if I insert my Telstra card.
    I was wondering if anyone knows a site that you can put in its IMEI number and it would advise if its 3g? I'm aware of phoney units that are actually 2g but the processor in this one seems legit and the data sheet via google says it covers the 3g network.
    There are sites for IMEI numbers that will tell you its identity, but I can't find one for bandwidth.

    Here is the unit.

    Unfortunately seller is being non communicative- but I know where he lives

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    You can enter the IEMI into the Xexun site to see if its genuine.

    The genuine xexun TK207 take Telstra / Aldi ok, they are ok but cant handle continuous use through summer , the heat in a hot car buggers them up. The fakes are pretty hopeless.

    Im using these now & are bulletproof, Aldi sim no issue. And the SMS commands are waaay better & more intuitive than the Xexun versions.
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