A trap for unknowing players?

On the last couple of club trips my icom IC41S handheld has continued to transmit after I had finished my conversation, so I logically thought the PTT button was sticking. Did a bit of ringing around and was told probably in the order of $200 to service/inspect, so probably just as well to buy a replacement at about $250 + GST.

So thought what the hell, have a play myself, only to find its almost impossible to pull apart after the first few screw removals.

Then had a brainwave and checked repairs on google - transpires that it has a special function you can turn on whereby it transmits without you having to hold the PTT button down, albeit only for a certain time to make sure it is not inadvertently left on transmitting. Info was also in the manual, but not in a troubleshooting area, so didn't click what was happening. Turned off the function and all appears to be well!!!