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Thread: Codan 9323 HF Problems - It wont turn off

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    Codan 9323 HF Problems - It wont turn off

    Went to test my Codan HF and when I switched it on the screen did not fully illuminate and was unable to select any functions. I then went to turn it off and it would not shut down. I checked battery power and all good there. The only way I was able to shut the unit down was to remove the fuse and therefore the power source. I left it for a while and reconnected the power and the same thing occurred.

    Can anyone out there suggest what the fault maybe or anyone know of a where I can get it looked at it would be appreciated. I am in Sydney.

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    One of my sons recently bought one cheaply because it wouldn't change channels. The switches were dirty, only needing to be cleaned.
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    The touch pads are prone to getting what they call a dry contact if not used enough. I had an 8528 that would do that and ended up having to replace it.
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