Anyone using GNSS Commander software on Android devices to provide external GPS support should be aware that at least the latest version no longer supports most GPS devices as it now only supports devices produced by PPM, with the s/w appearing to now be owned by PPM. The program has been renamed PPM-Commander and if auto-updated then it no longer supports non-PPM devices. However earlier versions can be found but after manual installation auto updates must be disabled to prevent the older version being over-written by the latest version.

I use my Note 10.1 for OziExplorer and an amateur radio tracking system. I use GNSS Commander with a Haicom BT GPS because my Samsung Note 10.1 can't get satisfactory GPS reception in my L322 where the screen is mounted, possibly due to the heated windscreen and overhanging roof. I use a BT GPS as the Note 10.1 won't communicate with a USB GPS and charge via USB at the same time. I've just added the external GPS support to my S5 which also can't get reliable GPS reception in my L322. I haven't used my Note 10.1 this year due to travel restrictions so wasn't aware of the removed GPS support but fortunately discovered it when adding the same external GPS support to my S5.