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Thread: Hey guys do the 1998 Discovery have a cabin filter?

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    Lightbulb Hey guys do the 1998 Discovery have a cabin filter?

    Hey guys

    Does the 1998 Discovery have a cabin filter? If so, where is it located? thank you and have a beaut day - Gerry

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    Not in a modern traditional manner.
    Ventilation is via the plenum strip, and actual intake is on the passengers side of the plenum(black strip between engine bay and windscreen) .. no filter in the modern sense.

    Theoretically it does, in that the plenum has a filter strip along the leading edge, but it's not really a cabin filter in the modern sense, like many cars have now with a cartridge based, easily removable manner.
    It's very coarse, and at this stage of a D1's life will have been chopped up badly.
    Many D1's and D2s(similar) also have broken pieces of plastic on this area of the plenum where the foam is supposed to sit too, so in some cases, any replacement foam may not even stay put without some assistance of some type too.
    Never seen the foam stuff for sale(can't imagine the price of it either if it were)

    I've got some 'pool filter' material in a strip from clarke rubber.
    I took the tiny remaining piece mine had left on it(the last piece that didn't crumble to tiny bits) showed the sales assistant, and he brought me a similar looking foam piece.
    As it was an offcut, I think he charged me $5 for it.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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