My RRS is starting to lose the clear on the roof. Coming off in small random patches. No milky degradation. Just lifting in localised spots like it didn't stick down properly. That has happened suddenly, too. A few months ago it was perfect, now there are several sections lifting. Bonnet and all other surfaces are still perfect. AFAIK it has never been resprayed and there's no obvious evidence of that. Maybe now is the opportunity to contrast the roof, or not...

The D1 however.... It went milky and then the clear crumbled to dust.

This is all a result of the EEC mandating back in about 1980 or so that car paint had to be water based rather than solvent based.

Ever since the clearcoats only last about 10-15 years. Not that German clear coat used to last even when it was solvent based!

If you have a dark colour it is IMHO good practice in Australia to repaint with a light colour, which also upholds a long LR tradition.
Regards PhilipA