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Thread: Alarm activates after locking (not door open alert)

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    Alarm activates after locking (not door open alert)

    Morning All

    Disco Series 2, 2003 with V8
    posting this on behalf of a mate

    About 10 to 15 seconds after the car is locked by pressing the button on the key, the alarm goes off, the full on honk honk, not jsut the alert that a door is open. This does not happen if the key is put in to the lock and turned manually.
    He brought it second hand and it only came with one key.

    it happens at his work place and home - rules out location?
    it happens night or day - rules out moths
    replaced the battery in the key twice - rules out duff battery
    It only happens when locking the car, when unlocking its not a problem
    Dont think its the drivers door lock because it works OK with the key
    Dont think its the electronics in the key becauase it locks, then the alarm goes off

    I read some where that one can pull a relay and then reinstall it and that will reset the alarm but am not able to find that now.

    I suggest taking it to the dealer and putting on the computer - $80 to ID the fault
    He wants to get a new key off the internet and then gt it cut programmed etc

    I am confident that there is a simple cure, just need the person with the right knowledge!


    Hay Ewe

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    Ultrasonic sensor by the sounds of it. Any windows down?

    Lock the car with the remote & it arms using the sensor.
    Lock the car with the key & this the sensor is isolated.

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    What he said....

    locking the car with the remote activates "superlocking" and arms everything including the volumetric sensors (two located high up inside the vehicle and detect any movement)

    The key in the door locking method arms only the immobiliser plus perimiter alarm (bonnet, or any of 5 other doors opened).

    Definately the volumetric sensors setting the alarm off. Either something is moving about inside the car (dog, moth, seatbelt strap falling down, spider in the sensor) or the sensors are dodgy.

    The owners manual also gives locking problem identification based on how fast the led flashe after locking, not sure it covers this though.
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