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Thread: What happened to your Discovery 2 today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK83 View Post
    I would suggest first point to check is the rear isolation switch not connected or maybe not connected properly.
    Oh yes. Definitely. That will by first port of call. Because I have the fake veneer in an auto itís gonna be pain but then so was the gearbox....😊😊😊
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    Unplugged the SRS plug under the seat.

    This has been a bit of a battle, getting access. However I pushed the driver's seat as far forward as possible. The I got onto the back seat from the passenger side. It was very easy to reach in and unclip the plug and pull the plug apart. A quick spray with contact cleaner and put back together. Hopefully the annoying, intermittent SRS light will be gone.
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    Oil Leak and Tailgate panel upgrades

    Found one! had to go and check for an green oval badge on the front but a drop of oil was found on the ground. Just had my recently departed 300 TDi's (think I made a mistake getting rid of Charles but no left knee and a manual...) rear crank seal done a couple of weeks ago but today as I start on the upgrades of the D2, there was weeping around the sump plug, the tragedy of it all!

    Also had taken the cover off the back door to do the rear latch which it turns out is not there and the speakers. Surprised at the weight of the standard subs but a pair of lighter alpines now sit soldered in. Am putting a table on before reassembling.

    The funny solution the previous owner did for opening the rear door was hole just under the plunger and a 'philips head' key inserted and pushed up against it. Will be a back up for when the door latch stops working again I suppose! Drivers doors next.

    Had the windscreen done as well this week, it turns out the guy did it from the inside, what little rain we had hasn't shown a leak but the cowling is now totally cactus and the headlining suffered a bit, have to take this off anyway to try and resurrect the sunroofs which have been silicon-ed to fix past leaks. Thinking black marine carpet will be the go, a lot of cut outs with the rear air con etc. but do like the look.

    it does allow for some freedom in wiring in some accessories such as 10" always on rear view camera which I want to mount inside the window within the wipers swipe.

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    Heading out of town yesterday for work the car was going well until we came to the first set of hills, no power and getting slower. The land cruiser I had passed was now on my tail, I should have got him to push me up the hill. When I could pull over safely I discovered the turbo hose had blown off by the second clamp, In the pouring rain I managed to get it back on. A loose clamp perhaps? Any other reason it would it might come off? Should I be concerned about the amount of oil around the shock tower,chassis rail that appears to have come from the turbo? I did have to drive a wee way before I could pull over. Now that the sun is shining today I'm going to clean up the oil and replace both clamps.

    cheers, jamesNZ

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