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Thread: Performance chip packs for TD5 Auto Discovery 2

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    Performance chip packs for TD5 Auto Discovery 2

    I am looking to improve the performance of my TD5 auto and was wondering if any members have tried the CS2 pack by Pro Racing or the C4S pack by Chips for Speed.

    The other area that I need to address is the lockup points for the torque converter. I suspect I will need to replace the Bosch unit with an after-market one unless I can find another solution.

    All suggestions are welcome.

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    Performance chip packs for TD5 Auto Discovery 2

    This just plugs into the injector loom by the look of it?
    Very crude and old school just dumping more diesel in!! High EGT's!!!
    And at 65 GBP or around $115 plus postage, I prefer spending that towards a proper tune!

    Have you looked into proper ECU tuning??

    As for the auto best is installing low stall converter, or I've found after a proper tune my auto will hold lock much longer due to less throttle needed for more power.
    Also if you do a search on the forum you'll find some posts on the auto and lockup and people doing things with switches or seperate controllers

    Cheers Lemo

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