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Thread: How much variation in tyre size is ok?

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    The rolling diameter of a tyre varies very little with tread wear. It's the length of the steel belts under the tread that determines the revs/km. Differences in tyre condition may affect your handling if you get into a sticky situation but that's another issue.
    On the T650 I used to get 103Kph on the speed limiter with worn drive tyres, 107 for the first month or so on new ones! Had to be a bit careful for the first couple of months
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    I have done the put new tyres on the front and put the old tyres that were on the front on the rear many times But these were only on cars that were town run abouts and never had any dramas.
    However I did this once on my old Toyota Forerunner in the NT and went on a trip and blew both of the older tyres, I have Never done that again.
    When I get new tyres I keep the old ones as they can still be used in the paddock and I also save heaps of $'s on the disposal fees as well, This way they aren't wasted and I get peace of mind on a trip knowing for certain that my tyres on the Disco are 100% Good to Go
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