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Thread: Handling upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by trout1105 View Post
    She is pretty much stock except for the coil spring replacements for the SLS and a bull bar.
    I have re-placed or refurbished just about everything on the running gear and engine/transmission and fitted a set of Micky Thomson ATZ P3's on 16 inch wheels and fitted a heavy duty set of front and rear rotors and pads.
    I service the truck every 5,000k's
    As long as the D2's are well maintained they handle really well (even without ACE), The stock rotors and pads are pretty woeful though.
    They excel on beach work and are a pleasure to drive on the highway.
    Brilliant! I think I need to get everything looked at by JC pre-Christmas, if I can get it in at this time of year. Fingers crossed.


    2003 D2a td5 auto (small mods)
    1999 SAAB 9-3 Viggen (small mods - torque - broken)
    1970 Alfa Romeo GT Junior (distant project)

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    Quote Originally Posted by trout1105 View Post
    I don't have ACE fitted on my D2a and it is rock solid on any road/track surface, Much better than my 79 series or my Navara
    That's great, but have you then compared to one with ACE?

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