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Thread: Sunroof drain tubes

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    Quote Originally Posted by edddo View Post
    Ah right.
    I can get access to the lower parts of those hoses so I will see if I can push something up through them. Thanks for that. i knew the sunroof would be a pain one day.
    I accessed the drain ends at the rear corners of the car hidden by the bumper. Luckily my steel bar made that access simple.
    I put the front up on ramps and poured water into the SR channels. Flows through freely. Poured some warm soapy water through anyway just to clean them a bit.

    I poured a bit under the top windscreen seal on the PS where the leak is. Very quickly dripped to PS floor. So that is the leak - not the SR.
    The boys didnt do much of a job with that screen. So I dried it in the sun and have pumped some silicon into that corner under the seal.
    See how that goes - if it still leaks I will take it back to the shop.
    At least I now know that the SR and drains are ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro_The_Swift View Post
    all this is just a lack of service on my part.
    the twin roofs are worth EVERY inconvenience.
    Did you get this sorted? Are the drain tubes behind the rear lights?
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