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Thread: Drive Plate Question

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    We got my brothers plate from LRA(Thomastown) when his torque converter started acting up.
    flex plate was OK(no idea what happened to it tho), but the difference in thickness was obvious.

    I'm not sure what brand HD flex plate LRA supply.
    From memory it was a little exxy, but not majorly so($190).

    It was local and no issue about taxes/freight/delivery/wait times ... blah blah.. took it up to mechanic, problem solvered quickly and relatively easily.

    Major source of humour on the British Auto Parts parts website about new TD5 flexplates:
    You have to tick a small spot to agree to their warning that the new flexplates are crap and that you abide by their limitations that these flexplates will damage your trans, and won't hold them responsible ... if you agree to buy one!

    Ashcroft plates are over $200 via them.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick130 View Post
    Just use a HD flex plate.
    They don't crack.
    Ashcroft make/sell one, pretty sure A&B in Melbourne stock them.
    I am planning an on using an Ashcroft one.

    My OP was just asking the question out of interest.

    I was asked " Is it ignorance or apathy?" I replied "I don't know and I don't care."

    1996 TDI ES. 2003 TD5 HSE

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