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Thread: Welcome to all D2 owners!

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    Apr 2014
    United States
    oooopps skipped this part and went straight to the asking questions part.....newbie

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    May 2014
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    My d2

    Just got myself a 2000 td5 d2 and after 3 weeks I love it! My one has 160kms, had air suspension replaced with billstiens, possibly a 2" lift.. BFG tyres, she's an auto, it's had the steering assistance removed, so I think I've bought a good one! I replaced the front prop with a heavy duty one 2 days ago with grease nipples. I'm trying to make this thing as fail safe as possible! A

    Any advice would be muchly appreciated!

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    Iam interested in your experiences in France as I am planning on moving back there sometime in the near future. I previously lived in Bordeaux for a number of years and have been looking around the Sud Ouest for suitable accomodation etc, renovation and so on.

    More importantly, I have been looking (online) for a reasonable Disco at a reasonable price, so would appreciate if we could keep in touch as I will need to know where to look locally if I Can't find what I like online.. Have previously owned a 1998 Disco TDI and currently have a Disco 2003 know the problems..

    Keep in touch

    Regards .. Selwyn

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    new member

    Hello guys I am from Malta I have a disco 2003 use for over landing in Europe and Africa just arrived from a 5000mile trip from morocco

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    Welcome Disco Malta to AULRO.COM

    where are the pics???
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    2000 Disco2

    I don't know why I did this. but was at a car lot in Flordia, Looking at a Ford Ranger with 4x4 and big tires Auto . Nice truck until I looked on the under side and the Frame was deeply Rust pitted every where. I quickly walked away. Looked over in the corner of the lot almost Hidden. Was a Beautiful Land Rover Disco 2 . Got over there as quickly as possible. Checked her out. no dents. got the keys and had a hard time getting the key to turn in the Ign. 400 miles later still have that problem bit getting better at it. The under carriage was show room Clean, popped the hood same thing, So I didn't care about anything else. She was going to be mine. 265 tires still road worthy. I guess trails as well , A/C froze me out on a 90 degree day. interior seats were perfect no Tears.. Checked Odometer,, !80,000 miles. I said wow she is just broken in good.Paid $1595.oo plus taxes Only good deal I got in my life.. The Po. picked her up New 45 miles from me in Tampa. We have good Beaches and many Trqils for her to finally get to have some off road fun.. will keep you posted.

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    Nov 2014
    barossa sth australia


    g'day i have just picked up a 2002 td5 auto, it felt great to be climbing back into a disco after a good few yrs, a friend and member sitec put me onto this site not sure how it all works, but looking forward to having some good trips

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    Posted my hello in the General Forums as well. But I am now a happy Disco 2 2004 TD5 owner. Gone off-road. Had the 3 Amigos already and reading all that is available. Otherwise awesome truck. Oh, and hopefully my nanocom arrives this week! Based in Melbourne. Victoria.

    Look forward to discovery awesome things in the Disco...

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    Nirvana near Albany W.A.

    Talking Hi from south coast w.a

    Love disco,s , and think this a very informative forum so had to join. On my 3rd disco , lots of improvements so far . jumping in the old girl is like slipping into a comfy pair of shoes,

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    from the other side

    Hello there,

    I've just bought a Discovery 2 , 2000 and now I'm looking for some good idea's for making it more efficient en nicer looking.

    I'm from the other side of the world, from Europe, Belgium.
    In my country nothing is allowed, no changes of any kind on a vehicle.
    We don't have desserts, big woods, moutains , so our cars are looking quite boring. (we have a lot of rain )
    Looking at all your Discovery's, I'm clearly born in the wrong country.

    Hope that "strangers" are allowed on this forum ?

    If I can help with something, shoot !

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